AISAT Instruments have been repairing Car, Truck, Boat and Industrial instruments in Western Australia for over 40 years. There is an extensive range of instruments that can be repaired, saving hundreds and sometimes thousands on a new replacement unit.


Please contact us and ask if we can help with your problem gauge.

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Instrument Restoration

At AISAT Instruments the restoration of instrumentation is our passion. We pride ourselves in being able to bring the very best out of your Vintage and Classic gauges. As one of the most experienced teams in Australia for the restoration of older, ‘Unloved’ instruments, we love the challenge of making your instruments look like new again.

All types of instrumentation looked at from 1920’s American Dodge panels, Smiths instruments, through to many of the later models. Custom Dial Re-Printing also available for many models.

Fleet Services

As well as providing the latest and most up to date Asset Tracking Equipment, Speed Limiting Devices, Speed Control Devices, Truck Weighing Systems and RPM Control Devices, we at AISAT are always happy to discuss your requirements and work out the best solution for your needs.


As well as always striving to supply only products of the highest standard, AISAT also offer the services of onsite visits to help determine the best product / solution for your situation.

This helps to ensure that you receive the best advice which leads to the best product or solution for your situation.